19. Archadapting / Venice Biennale 2012 / Spanish Pavillion

My music for the IAAC Participation to the Venice Biennale 2012 and the Spanish pavilion: Spain Lab: Academic Lab

AAC Participation to the Venice Biennale 2012 and the Spanish pavilion: Spain Lab: Academic Lab

Theme: Archadapting, An evolution to the past.

Arch-adapting: An evolution to the past, is an essay on architectural phenomena of adaptation to new realities of architectural creation, from the moment of the conception of an idea until the final architectural outcome. Here, the word outcome substitutes the word construction, on a need to amplify our limit and overpass the hardware sense of constructive spaces/ objects.

¨The evolution to the past¨ concept works with two main poles: The caveman on one side representing the ultimate connection of the human with nature and his tools, a man that finds rather than gets, and ¨The digital caveman¨, as we call him, on the other hand, is representing the high technological man that is able to use technology for re-approaching reality, through high analytical research. Innovation is to be sought after in the beginning of things, in the roots. Innovation is seeded with knowledge and awareness of one’s past.

Nearing the term we invented :¨Archadapting¨, it is important to highlight that these two poles are based on the figure of the simple man, rather than the figure of the architect. What it is tried to be alleged, is that we have been stretched to a moment were architecture is giving out its ¨power¨ again to the user, making him the ¨architect¨ of his environment. And this is the moment were both ¨cavemen¨ share a common ground, they both have direct access to their tools. In a certain moment of the history, Architecture monopolized its tools; tools were exposed only to this certain elite. Now the man alters again to a caveman, a ¨digital caveman¨ that requires to implicate and adapt himself to the advanced means available. The architect here does not create a predetermined spacial situation, rather a platform that offers the tools and the knowledge required for one to come to be autonomous, self-sufficient and part of greater network of exchange. A platform where nature is deeply involved, where materiality originates an architecture adaptive to the environment, where real time data give flexibility and reduction of unnecessary wastes.

The above mentioned essay is exploring the innovation in Architecture through a quick view on the evolution of architecture in history, by watching closer aspects like locality, tools, collaboration (between people, as well as between people and nature).

Project Authors / Video Design : Nota Tsekoura,Gabriel Bello Diaz
Music & Sound Design : Marios Aristopoulos

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