11. FrankenStorm X-Stream

FrankenStorm. Extract from the dance piece X-Stream, performed at BAM

This is an extract from the FrankenStorm scene of the dance piece X-Stream (Overground Arts) with original music by Marios Aristopoulos.

Full Credits:
Overground Physical Theatre Company presents
Directed & choreographed by Antonia Katrandjieva in collaboration with Overground Physical Theatre Company
Video by Ana & Kalin Ivanovi
Music by Emilio Garzon, Marios Aristopoulos, Xana Villan-Rueda
Costumes by Hristina Hristova
Dramaturgy by Vessela Warner
Coordinating director & stage manager: Blair Hotchner

X-Stream is a kinetic zoom of dance, video, and theater that views the transience of the human experience through the lives of nine contemporary women living on the edge of uncertainty. Victimized by ecological insanity and mass consumption the women lose their senses and become shut off from the outside world, only to rediscover they are a link in the chain between self and other. Shaken by a “Frankenstorm” and sheltered in a toy house, they recycle their dreams in a mutual game of “heart-storming.”

X-Stream features video projection throughout and is performed by Alexandra Kramerova, Antonia Katrandjieva, Danielle Schlauerderaff, Gessica Paperini, Hara Zi-Radopoulou, Motoko Tadano, Siras Nitithatsanakul, Valentina Priolo, and Xana Villan-Rueda.

For more information visit overgroundarts.com.

Choreographic collaboration and performance by: Alexandra Kramerova, Antonia Katrandjieva, Danielle Schlauederaff, Gautam Nima, Gessica Paperini, Hara Zi-Radopoulou, Motoko Tadano, Valentina Priolo, Xana Villan Rued
Video design by Ana Atanassova-Ivanova & Kalin Ivanov
Original Music & Sound Design by: Emilio Garzon, Xana Villan Rueda & Marios Aristopoulos
Costumes by: Hristina Hristova
Conceptual Artwork by: Nevena Atanassova & Mihail Vaklinov
Stage Manager, Coordinating director & Light Design: Blair Hotchner
Light Designer Assistant: Laurel Zaleski
Publicist: Audrey Ross
Photography & graphic design by: ArtVanguard

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