Extremely honored that my music from APOTHEON was used in the Flame Ceremony of the Special Olympics 2019. Choreography by Olympiada Thrakomakedonon.

7 Songs from the play So Go the Ghosts of Mexico part II composed during the Sundance Institute and Baryshnikov Arts Center residencies. Written by Matthew Paul Olmos. Directed by Lee Sunday Evans. Composed by Marios Aristopoulos. Azul – Heather Velazquez Burra – Annie Dow Chango – Flora Diaz Otro – Socorro Santiago (photos by Janelle Jones; courtesy of Baryshnikov Arts Center)

Original music from the play “El Laurel de Apolo” (Apolo’s Crown) @ Repertorio Español. Written by Pedro Calderón de La Barca. Directed by Estefanía Fadul. Original Music by Marios Aristopoulos. Carmen Borla – Ensemble (Eco) + Guitar,Carmen Cabrera – Ensemble (Dafne), Marieta Carrero – Ensemble (Cupido), Venuz Delmar – Ensemble (Bata), Samuel Garnica – Ensemble (Apolo), Franco Gonzalez – Ensemble (Silvio), Gerardo Gudiño – Ensemble (Rustico), Kendal Hartse – Ensemble (Violinist), Inma Heredia – Ensemble (Zarzuela), Mario Mattei – Ensemble (Zefalo), Paloma Muñoz – Ensemble (Iris) + Guitar.

Original music from the Greek play “Το Τρένο για τον Άγιο Μαρτίνο”. Directed by Dimitra Arapoglou. Athinais theater, Greece 2014.

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